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            To foster an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages creativity and a winning attitude. To persevere and never give up.

             To produce the highest quality prebaked anodes while achieving the highest standard of workplace safety, resource conservation and environmental responsibility.


            To be the largest merchant anode manufacturer in the world providing the highest quality and most cost effective carbon anode to the electrolytic aluminum industry.
            Management Concept

            To be the leading global carbon material manufacturer who produces carbon anodes based on the guidance of technological innovation.
            Quality Commitment

            To provide products that exceed our customer’s expectations thus ensuring their satisfaction.
            To be a company made up of individuals that exhibit gratefulness, tolerance, honesty and responsibility. Gratefulness is a traditional virtue of the Chinese people. We are grateful to our parents, families, companies, colleagues


            Gratefulness is a traditional virtue of the Chinese people. We are grateful to our parents, families, customers, companies, colleagues and everyone else who has helped to achieve our success. We are grateful to the culture in which we were raised. Only if we are grateful, can we treat others as we should and appreciate the culture in which we live. People can then exist harmoniously with each other and with the culture in which they live.


            It has been the Confucian philosophy to accommodate divergent views. Being tolerant to others, to seek common ground while reserving differences, these are the sources of Sunstone’s innovation and vitality.


            Honesty is a virtue, the basic morality for people. Being honest is the most essential principle for both Sunstone and its employees.


            Every man alive has a duty to his country. There’re always things you have to do whether you like it or not, that is the meaning of responsibility. In other words, responsibility is just like a patriotic mission; one should step forward and accept the challenge when there are difficulties to overcome. A Responsibility is also executive ability; those have responsibility would also have the spirit of team work.
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